Conscious Conception

skype consultation

In this virtual consultation we meet fertility with Ayurvedic practices

  • We work with women around the world to prepare prepare mind, body and spirit for a conscious conception
  • Reaching complete health of the reproductive system through treatment of the 3 doshas
  • Strengthening of all systems throughout the body and mind prior to conception
  • Detailed guidance for individualized herbal use
  • Complete guidebook and recipes to refer throughout

Our consultations together can take place with partner present or recording may be shared later on, if that is preference.

Consultation broken down into a few parts:  

Part 1: 90-minute consultation covers cleansing the body 

Part 2: 60-minute follow up consultation covers complete rejuvenation

Part 3 (optional): 60-minute consultation for further personalized guidance

Complete Guidebook to refer throughout

Considering joining us?

Consultation rates begin at $165. Schedule a 15-minute complimentary call with Jenna to discuss further.