Postpartum Meal Delivery 

with Ayurvedic Mamas 

Our team offers Ayurvedic Postpartum Meal Delivery for mothers throughout the Los Angeles area. 

  • Our menu alternates between over forty-two postnatal dishes  
  • Ingredients help with recovery of the reproductive system 
  • Foods used support lactation, promote full body recovery and more
  • Build back vitality one bite at a time

These foods are prepared to restore your health, mind, body and spirit following birth.

In the first weeks following birth, it is essential that everything going into the body supports physical, mental and emotional recovery.  

Our packages are set up as a weekly delivery, including 4-5 dishes at each drop-off. Each dish consists of enough for 2-3 servings.  

This conversation supports you in caring for and connecting with your newborn the way mother nature intended: Nourished and rested.



Virtual prenatal mini-consultation for menu planning prior to delivery

Weekly 30-minute phone check in with the new mother 

1 breakfast dish, 2 main dishes, 1 snack, 1 tea or warm shake

Each of the above includes 2-3 servings worth

All ingredients and herbs used are included in cost 

Example single meal delivery:  

These dishes alternate between our menu of 42+ recipes.

Rice Congee Truly a staple just following labor; helps rebuild digestive strength and move bowels easily

Dashmool Grounding Tea Muscle tonic, potent rejuvenative for vata dosha following birth; used as an analgesic for low back and pelvic region

Mother's Porridge Prepared with herbs to soften the GI tract; vata dosha balancing; supports breast milk production 

Coconut Stew with Nettles Rebuilding for the immune system; creating stability mind and body for rekindling digestive strength.

Stuffed Dates Our number one favorite; Ayurvedic tri-doshic balancing; uterine strength and milk production benefit 

Stewed Fruits Iron-rich, nourish lymph and blood, help regular movement of bowels 

Package rates start at $350 / delivery

(Cost dependent upon delivery location)