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This specialized, thorough and well organized course is designed to support you in sharing invaluable, complete care for mothers in the First 42 Days following birth. 

In light of what we're experiencing today around the globe, more-so than ever it is critical that women have access to the complete care and recovery in the weeks following delivery.

The tools and system that we share enables whole body rejuvenation; mind, body and spirit. 

We have brought together the wisdom of Ayurveda and the science behind modern midwifery to create a course that will prepare you to guide new mothers through the greatest transformation of their lives. 

This care helps to build a solid foundation for the families being supported. Our mission is to empower new mothers + growing families with a care system that promotes longevity, builds complete health and honors this sacred window of time that impacts the wellbeing through the lifetime ahead. 

A specialized system of wholebody care for supporting new mothers in the First 42 Days after birth. 




Ayurvedic cooking wisdom and the science of herb use to rebalance the body. Course comes with 90+ page Recipe Book packed with healing guidance and resources.  


The foundation of the First 42 Days is the practice of drawing inwards and slowing down following birth. This allows connection to the monumental process taking place in her heart, body and life.  


Ayurvedic warm oil massage is among top treatments for helping to balance vata dosha following birth, for both mother and baby. You wil be guided in sharing this as a selfcare practice with mothers and so much more. 


Deep rest is among the most important needs through the First 42 Days. In this course you will learn everything needed to ensure as much comfort and care is brought to mothers throughout each day. 

Many thanks Jenna and Lisa. Here's to promoting wellbeing for maternal mental health and supporting newborn mamas one mama at a time. A truly humbling experience to be able to go into someone's home and support them during the most precious time of their life. -P-J, New Zealand

The Ayurvedic First 42 Day Care Program is a holistic system of medicine that makes care available to women in the 6-weeks immediately following delivery. 

Ayurveda: a complete system of indivualized care towards mind, body and spirit. 

This course goes over the core teachings of Ayurveda and the most critical care for supporting a new mother. The two are bridged beautifully though this service.  


Share Ayurvedic care for new mothers including food preparation, herbal usage, warm oil massage guidance for herself and the baby, belly wrapping and mindfulness practices. Additionally you will have trusted resources for all that comes up in the first weeks. Have a trusted presence of support for new mothers through perhaps lifes greatest transformation. 

Bring powerful healing care during a time that much change is taking place internally and externally.  

Establish a business model that wholeheartedly serves you, your own family and the many families that you'll work with.  



This online course is released as six weekly modules, with new content shared each week that covers everything you'll need to know as a specialized Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula. 

Access to ongoing Ayurvedic Mamas LIVE zoom presentations. These are each recorded and shared afterwards for those who cannot attend live.

Each of the six modules contains 2-4 hours of video lessons, lectures and powerpoint presentation. You also have access to archived live interviews with guest experts (recorded and privately shared for participants), and hands on learning exercises designed to support you as you integrate this care approach through personal experience and guided practice.

A 150+ page manual and a beautiful, complete recipe ebook covering all material, serving as a wonderful resource. Our complete menu covers over 42 recipes (morning dishes, main meals, lactation teas, nervous system nourishing teas, deliscious snacks, smoothies, warm shakes and more) and a wealth of guidance on meal and herb preparation for new mothers to enjoy as the gateway to healing. 

Private access to weekly video presentations by Jenna and Lisa throughout each module. We walk you through the material and coursework in a way that allows for you to integrate and use immediately. 

Direct support comes from Jenna, Lisa and the team. We also host a private facebook group for particpants for ongoing discussion and support.  

Powerful community building with other women enrolled from all over the world. 

Lifelong access to all course material.  

I signed the contract with my first Mother today! I can not thank you enough for the knowledge you provided through these trainings. I honestly feel so ready to start caring for new Mothers with the tools you gave. -Kate, Oregon 


Women caring for women. An overview of the fourth trimester and training to become and ayurvedic postpartum doula.

Ayurvedic Postpartum Basics. Understanding Ayurveda and considering a new mother from the viewpoint of the three doshas.  

The physiology of healing for a postpartum mother from a midwifes perspective.  

The First 42 Days: Establishing healthy agni (digestive fire) as the foundation; Ayurvedic foods, teas and herbs.

Stabiling Ojas: Ayurvedic Hands-on Therapies; Ayurvedic bodywork and baby massage, belly wrapping, bath soaks, and more.

In-home practices of mindfulness: Rebuilding prana through meditation and breathwork.  

Lactation support as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula. 


Registration NOW OPEN!

This remarkable program has enriched my life so much. I felt deep in my heart that I was meant to serve in this way and this training found me at exactly the right moment. -Erin, Southern California 


25+ total hours of video lecture and teaching $750

150 page course manual $95

90+ page full color First 42 Days Recipe Book $105

One-on-one Mentorship with director and founding expert, Jenna Furnari $450

10+ guest expert interviews $$$

Ongoing support from community of fellow Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula participants $195 

Lifelong access to all course material PRICELESS 


All for just $595. Payment plans available. 


Do I have to be a doula already to enroll in this course? 

Absolutely not! This program has been intentionally and carefully put together with the doula in mind AND/OR the women that have great passion for supporting women as they enter the new role of motherhood yet have not begun this work quite yet. So wherever you find yourself on that spectrum, this course consists of rich material that benefit you.

Do I have to be a yoga teacher to enroll in this course? 

You do not. There are a number of yogic exercises that will be taught (breathwork and meditation), though these teachings will be shared with the student in mind. You will learn so much that will not only benefit the women you work with but also you personally!

What if I am brand new to ayurveda? 

Great! Most people are and our course was designed with this in mind. In order to make this care accessible and greatly impactful our content is presented simply and thoroughly. The goal of this course is to enable our Ayurvedic Postpartum Doulas to take what is shared and run with it! 

What happens after I register? 

Upon registering you will receive an email from us walking you through the process of accessing this course. You will also be receiving our Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Training ebook and a few other bonuses (all of which have been outlined above). You will receive the link to our private facebook group where participant interaction can begin immediately. 

How much time each week will be spent with this course? 

That is completely up to you. Though we will be breaking the content into a suggested weekly curriculum, you will have lifelong access to this material and can move at your own pace. 

What is required through the certification process?  

For those that would like to go through the Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Certification process, there are minimal additional requirements to fulfill within 12 months from enrollment date. These requirements include: Completion of each module review (built into the course platform); Attendance of Lactation Course for doulas; Eight hours of direct experience/support with a new mother (can be done virtually or in-person). Upon setting up your account you will have access to all seamless details regarding the above. If an extension of time is needed for completing requirements for the final certification, we are most happy to oblige upon request.

I am brand new to supporting women in their postpartum period - is this a good course to begin with? 

Couldn't be better. The content this course is comprised of provides a detailed outline of care that will benefit the seasoned doula and those that are getting ready to begin. Perhaps the best part of this online structure is that the information will forever be available for you to review and refresh yourself on in the future. Our private facebook group will allow for ongoing support as well, it will serve as a landing page for the questions that arrise as you dive into the program and get started in your work as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula. 

Are there further requirements beyond the online work to become an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula?

There are a few exercises we strongly encourage to deepen your understanding of the ayurvedic priciples shared and to enhance your confidence in working with new mothers in the First 42 Days. This will include exploring with the recipes given and supporting new mothers directly as a student of this Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Course. 



To participate in this program the single prerequisite is the strong desire to support mothers after the arrival of their baby through this care system that considers the whole; mind, body and spirit.  

Course participants are strongly encouraged to explore these means of care through their own personal life and experience. This applies to yoga practices (breathwork and meditation), recipes prepared, warm oil massage guidance, etc. This ensures integrity and deepens our capacity as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula. 

Enrollment is NOW OPEN! 

I just completed the online course and already have my first client lined up! I cannot thank Jenna enough for all of the business starting tips. I feel so ready to begin connecting with community and spreading the word! -Tayler, Colorado 



Jenna has a Master of Arts in Ayurveda, is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Postpartum Specialist and DONA trained Postpartum Doula. She has devoted her life to the practice and study of ayurveda, yoga and holistic living. She specializes in working with women throughout preconception, pregnancy and the First 42 Days following birth. Jenna received her Ayurvedic education and completed thesis research at Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda. She has spent years studying with Dr. Sarita Shresta, Ayurvedic OB/GYN. In 2015 she traveled to Nepal and worked with Dr. Shresta in her clinic. 

The First 42 Days following the birth of her own child opened Jenna's eyes to the clarity that this is perhaps the most important work in the world. She works with women internationally, supporting them to ensure complete care through their own fourty-two day journey following entry into motherhood. The mission behind her work is to bring this support to as many mothers as possible during this sacred time. The way the First 42 Days are spent can truly lead to life-long positive impact. Jenna is committed to reaching thousands of women that can share this healing work.


Lisa Arshawsky has her Masters in Science, is a Certified Nurse Midwife and Registered Nurse who has worked with mothers and babies since 1999. After becoming a midwife in 2004, she specialized in home birthing Midwifery and providing birth education as a Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor. From the age of 19, along with her formal education, Lisa immersed herself in Eastern Practices and Sacred Arts and is a Certified Level I and II Reiki, KRI kundalini Yoga Teacher and Khalsa Way Prenatal and Postnatal yoga instructor. She studied Postpartum Ayurvedic Care with a local practitioner and besides working as a Home -Birth Midwife, is the founder of The Mama Tree, a Holistic Concierge Mother Baby Practice in Los Angeles, specializing in supporting women through all aspects of Childbirth. My mission is to guide and support women holistically in mind, body and spirit so that they may embrace this path of motherhood balanced and rooted.